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Ramblings from the SiteMaster:

This page is currently under major construction as I, the SiteMaster have been released from the clutches of examinations! I will be collaborating with my other Directors to bring this page up.

The Gallery section is now available in addition to the Fiction and Downloads section. Also, if you notice just below, there is a navigation tab that I have created. This should appear in every page soon. Give me feedback as to how I can make this site better via email at:

The schedule is not up yet so we the page is gonna be updated as and when we get time. Take note that I will update it as often as possible.


As you can tell, this is our logo! I will be redesigning this from time to time as I learn to master the graphic programmes that I have currently. Also clicking on it will return you to this page. Navigation made easy!



1st December 2000

Added the Gallery seciton.


Included Tabs on the Index page to facilitate easier navigation.

9th November 2000

Added "Ramblings of the SiteMaster"

Completed the Fiction page!

Revamp on the look of Downloads page.

25th October 2000

Change of Background

Added "Updates"

Downloads page up and running!

24th October 2000
New icon and banner added
22nd October 2000
Birth of the site

Kindly drop your feedback here as it would prove invaluable!